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PostSubject: THANK YOU BUTTON   Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:09 am

This is how to THANK someone for a useful post.

On the top right of the persons post that you want to thank you will see a + and - sign like this:
When you click the + sign it will give the person a thanks in their THANKED spot under their avatar like this:

Every time you thank someone the number will go up.

If you click the - sign their thanks will go down 1 point.

When a post is thanked the post itself will change colors to show you that you appreciated that persons reply, or post.

The color will only show the thanked topics/posts that you thanked so you can find what you like faster.

To prevent abuse of the thanks system, I will be closely monitoring it for the time being to make sure people are doing it with respect, and not out of bias.

I will be adding some new features this week, I hope you enjoy the thanks option, I will be making it so a THANKS button will be there instead of a plus and minus sign.

This is temporary until I can get a thank you button ready for use.
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